Awkward Moments

Korent Hemp CBD for Especially Awkward Moments.

There when you need it.

Sometimes we know a big hit of awkward is around the corner, and we can plan for it ahead of time. Below are a few times to make Korent Hemp CBD your sidekick, your wingwo/man, your BFF, your security blanket, your wubby.

We're with you. You got this.

Virtual Learning

"I can’t wait to be my kids' 'learning coach' while holding down a full-time job and competing for internet bandwidth!" – said no one ever.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp oil drops in the morning and before bed for continuous calm.

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Election Cycle


We’re just gonna leave this one right here.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp chewables, whenever despair becomes overwhelming.

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Don't Flake Out!

No one wants to worry about flaky skin when they’re wearing the “little black dress” or that black cashmere cardigan.

Recommended product: Korent Select CBD Hydro Moisture Sealant after bathing — to lock in moisture and keep skin calm.

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The Zoom Mirror

Few of us enjoy looking at ourselves this much during the day. When you get to focus on a grainy version of your face in Zoom call after Zoom call, you start to see things you normally wouldn’t.

Aging is natural. Fixating on the wrinkles you’ve earned balancing life during Covid quarantine is not.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp chews to ease Zoom Gloom.

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First Date

This could be the one! Don’t mess it up. Are they as good looking UNDER that face mask? It’s a lot to ponder. Don’t get stuck inside your head – you can’t win them over when your thoughts are stuck on tumble-dry. Breathe deep and be you.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp 450mg vanilla mint oil drops (a minty first kiss would be nice, right?)

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The Big Interview

Your whole future does not depend on this one moment. You are more than this one conversation.

You’ll impress them anyway with your natural charm and ease, helped in part by a little love from hemp CBD.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp 450mg grape oil drops = “I got this” vibes.

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Big Presentation

You practiced, you know the data, you’re armed with facts and a natural gift for persuasion. Let’s do this.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp 900mg oil drops – to help stay calm under pressure.

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First Covid Flight

We are not going to lie – this is super weird. Half capacity (if you’re lucky) flights and wearing masks the whole time, not knowing if the guy next to you is a super spreader – it doesn’t get more edgy than that.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp Extra Strength Chew - feel the awkward ebb away like the clouds out your window.

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Dinner. With the In-laws.

Whether you like them or not, chances are you want them to like you. Help quiet your jitters so the natural you has an easier time coming to dinner.

Recommended product: Korent Hemp Chews during the aperitif.

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