Korent Select
All-Natural Herbal Mint CBD Oil Drops
1500mg 30ml

• Full spectrum CBD oil
• All-natural hemp extract
• All-natural flavors
• Smooth mouth-feel
• 50mg CBD per serving
• Eco-friendly extraction methods
• Made in The U.S.A. – family farm grown
• Quality tested for safety & purity
• Gluten free
• 100% money back guarantee


For higher-level CBD needs.

  • Seeking an elevated CBD experience for elevated levels of stress and discomfort?  We’ve got you. 
  • Korent Select High Concentration 1500mg CBD Oil Drops are formulated with all-natural CBD oil, natural flavors, and MCT oil from the palm fruit for consumers with more acute issues, in need of higher concentrations of CBD. 
  • Add a dropper of these to your morning or evening routine (or both if you need it!) and be on your way to experiencing a level of calm that works for you, so that you can get on with all the things you want to do. 
  • Korent can’t take away all the things that bring you stress (especially these days!) but we CAN offer a great-tasting, effective CBD experience to turn down the volume on your overall discomfort.
  • Our herbal mint CBD oil has a great mouthfeel and includes the terpenes and flavonoids you love from full-spectrum CBD oil.