Korent Select
CBD Moisturizing Lotion
200mg 5.1oz

• Full spectrum CBD 
• Smooth skinfeel
• Elegant fragrance
• Calms skin
• 200mg CBD
• Four natural moisturizers
• Eco-friendly extraction methods
• Made in the U.S.A. – family farm grown
• Quality tested for safety & purity
• Gluten free
• 100% money back guarantee


Skin needs to be calm, too!

  • Dry and irritated skin keeping you from loving that little black dress or wearing short sleeves on that first date?   We’d like to introduce you to our 200mg moisturizing lotion.
  • Our lotion contains skin-calming, full spectrum CBD and a host of natural moisturizers including coconut oil and mango seed butter.  Your skin will feel smooth and soft and as relaxed as you are for giving your skin what it needs.   
  • We’re not afraid to say out loud how much the staff at Korent loves this product.  The fragrance is subtle and pleasing, the consistency is smooth, the moisturizing ingredients are natural, the skinfeel is clean – all of us here at Korent just feel happy about bringing our lotion to you!